Seville, Spain.. Most def not Seville as we know it :) 

By October 8, 2016Dirtette

So we left the beautiful town of Leon..

A few of us with sore heads and vague recollections of shots and promises to return to sing Etta Jame’s songs at future weddings…    As if you wouldn’t, too bad he hadn’t actually asked her yet but you never know hey :p

*Special thanks to Diego for acquiring  the very last drop of coffee liquor in the bar 🙂

Better have a lil Nanna nap in the van while we head to Seville.


After a wee nap it’s time to keep the monkeys entertained..


Ewwww lets hope that last one wasn’t picked up by old jungle foot, gross!
Arriving by the banks of the Qualdaquiver into sunny Seville.


Alex rolled a little girl for her rip off ray bans.. excuse me, the much more sort after ‘Ray Bons’… Now there’s a fashion tip for next season.

We went off to check in to our hotel. We couldn’t believe our luck after a walk in the hot sun.. It was going to pay off!

So sad… Back to the Van, then another walk to find our actual accommodation.. There was an upside though…we all ended up with our own rooms.
Our first time in lights since the girls arrived…. looks pretty good!

It’s load in time…


The gig was heaps of fun with a great sound and even through there was a big football match on in town, the beautiful people who came out gave us everything.
Not long after the show, Alex found a wig… Then things got a lil crazy, especially once Claus turned up.

We ended the night with a Rapunzel style conversation that Ants and Al had to have..just a building apart, I’m sure the neighbors loved us!

Let’s hit the beaches of Estepona!