Behold the mount•taines (this is not a sp mistake) 

By October 4, 2016Dirtette

These beautiful people made our Leon leg so special, seriously mega legends each of them…Do you even babes?

A super dooper thanks to Toni Ramone for rescuing my phone, busting it outta the Futuro Centro in Avilies and returning it safely to its technology addicted owner, you Sir are a champion!

Our Tour manager is such a sweet, romantic fella.. He went to the trouble of buying mini chocolate penises for Sarah and I..

What a dreamboat.

Poor old Max, most of the time it was like herding cats with us punks.. We are either running late, not doing what he asks or mocking him (he gives as good as he gets mind you).

Alex now sings,

‘BEHOLD THE MOUNTAINS’ (pronounced moun•taines) listen out for it at our next gig.


You may also notice that I am giving Alex an ‘I told you so poke’ that’s because I told him so.. :p

I saw someone bringing in a new mixing desk right before the show… never a good sign. Turns out these cats were so good, it didn’t even matter..

We had a cracking show.. The crowd got so loose people took their clothes off… Yep! Woohoo!!

*Thanks Carol, you make us look so cool!

Also worth mentioning is Carols amazing hospitality, she is not only a gorgeous woman inside and out but an incredible cook and a crazy cool mama bear….am I gushing?, well she is worthy of it!

We dined above the venue in style (turns out Drag queens not so long ago filled these rooms) pretty sure I felt the glamour rub off!

The Dirtettes dressing room says it all!

I’d love to show you the frivolity of the after party especially the ‘Bird is the word’ performance but Max says…

If you didn’t get that, I’ll interpret… ‘It’s private!!’ He goes into more detail but I think he’s pretty clear haha!
We did have a lil chance to check out the beautiful city.. Ants was so awestruck by the really really really old church that he passed out, just kidding.. It’s just the lengths he goes to for the best picture. He had also mentioned a couple of times ‘I’ve never been here before!’ Bless his cottons, he has now!


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FYI this cathedral is really really frikken old, old mate King Ordoño II did a reno on his palace and began converting it to a cathedral in around 917, an ancient warehouse conversion… What a hipster!*

*All historical references were obtained online so may infact be total bull 🙂

Our hotel was nothing to sneeze at apart from the dirty neighbours…. 🙂 couldn’t do much about them though.

The evening closed with some hungry rockstars in desperation having to create imaginary tacos… seriously, made with real love though! Fortunately the girls had earlier purchased some pasta salads, hoping to trick the salad dodgers at their weakest… alas the Dirtettes save the team from scurvy and starvation.
This was also the evening which Alex had mentioned previously.. The promoter asked us what we would like to drink on stage..

My response,

Fernando, out!