After a siesta comes more fiesta! 

By October 2, 2016Dirtette

After a lil rest we were ready for gig number two. Arriving in Aldeamayor de San Martin to play at el Zagal the sun was setting.

Alex had forewarned us that tonight’s gig would get loose and to expect a jam session at the end. 


…but we better have Sunday Family dinner first to get our strength up.
​[wpvideo nR09MVXr]​

Another delicious meat feast.. What am I going to do without my daily intake of at least eight meats?? Not to mention the cheese and cured meat, best just enjoy while we can. 

The crew who came out made the gig a cracker.. 

Even gots us a group photo…

Then on to the after gig Jam…

Al and Johnny kicked it off.


Ants got amongst it..


​And then there was this fella, Jacob from the states that jumped in for a hollering.. He could have been mistaken for a northcote hipster but for his excellent accent. I’ll spare you the performance in its entirety.. Let’s just say it was awesome 🙂 
​[wpvideo fa1klfmT]​

In all seriousness the best moment of the night came at the end when the boys of DRR had a smash together.. It was truly epic, Ants assures me he was making the lyrics and melody up but we will never know as my camera batteries had died… so between you me and the gatepost let’s just say it was the greatest, and hopefully we hear it again on our next record.

Next stop Leon!!