Definitely not a WahWah Sunday!

By September 30, 2016Dirtette

I couldn’t resist getting a few portraits before we left the gig in Avilies.. The smoke and the sky were awesome.

Do you even band t-shirt?

Unfortunately in the rush to leave and trying to use my dslr and gopro during the show I had left my phone side of stage.. What a twit..and it was locked up tight now. I will have to survive without it for at least a day or two. It’s crazy how liberating and terrifying it is not to have your phone. I should probably ‘lose’ it more often.
The next morning before we headed for a day of double gigs the team we’re talking to lil Stevie and Uncle Alex was suggesting pooing in the bath would be an excellent choice.


Here a snippet of the scenery driving into Ponferrada… So hard to look at.


The place we played in, called el King Kong is a vibrant Mexican restaurant and bar. It was a fab turn out.. Here’s a lil from the end of the gig


It was such a great, intimate gig with families coming along, even the kids were front and centre.

After the show we had a few well deserved Margaritas….and then a few more :p

Roberto put on some of the most delicious homemade Mexican food. It wouldn’t be a fiesta with a tequila shot or 4.. I mean, floor. Hmmm

The drive to the next gig was very peaceful for our mate Pork Rib haha because we were all so full we had a lil nanna nap on the way to the second gig but not before a lil discussion on the day thus far.


Stay tuned for after our siesta.