Heady daze in Avilies, the story continues..

By September 29, 2016Dirtette

We head to the venue which is incredible and is a space age fortress. Entering the complex it’s crazy like going under a stadium, I feel like we are real rockstars.

The room we play in is the biggest stage so far and the guys on the desk do not disappoint.. The gig is going to be a cracker!

Here’s just a lil of the sound check frivolity. Casey you crack me up 🙂
[wpvideo ZpSfgKFb]

My lil safe travel totem gratis bawa is even here..

Pork rib (Aka Maxy our TM) has the merch desk ready for action.

We head outside so Juan Tome an extraordinary local photographer is happy to tour guide for us. We check out the outside of the ‘Futuro Centro Cultural Niemeyer’ it is like nothing I’ve ever seen before.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IzFiHHHwQ9k&w=560&h=315]

A quick tapas snack and a squizz of the main town..

We even spied a wedding which was in the town centre.

Then off to the gig which was epic!! Both Tony Ramone and Juan Tome were such generous hosts and it is clear they are proud of their beautiful city and we were all so humbled by the way they lavishly looked after us.

After the show it was onto a late dinner with Tony & his beautiful girl Mirian for a meat feast like nothing else…

Ants even tried blood sausage which had most of us squirming a lil but he said it was delicious.. Even I couldn’t do it (might have more to do with the fact I felt like I had already eaten an entire pig and a fair wack of a cow).

We toasted with a local herbal liquor which was refreshing and a great way to end the night..

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wiVRKMubiJY&w=560&h=315]

Not us of course…

There’s always room for more, we still kicked on at another local and they played DRR on the telly…is it bad that we are starting to get used to it haha….. we wish!


  • Julia Fern says:

    It´s true.. Avilés is a very interesting town and the venue where you played is really amazing. I don´t live there but like visiting quite often.
    And from the point of view of someone attending that concert… it was great!! Thank you!! Will you come back next year???

  • kelliefb says:

    Hi Julia,

    Thanks for your comment and for coming to the show. We would love very much to come back and I’m sure if anything gets confirmed we will have it up on Facebook to let everyone know ASAP. Kells