Avilies part one: stadium showtime

By September 29, 2016Dirtette

On the road again.. Through tunnels to get to Avilies.

We arrive at our accom, The Don Pedro Hotel… How beautiful is this street.

Heath offers the hotel namesake a cigarette and looks kinda related.

Alex had pinched my cardigan cos it’s was a bit fresh… Sarah and I had to start keeping an eye on him…first it was her shorts then my cardy.. What next?

Tony & Juan were the greatest hosts driving us around town. An outside view of the epic venue for the gig..

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4g1ltKVnHIo&w=560&h=315]
Can you believe we are going to play in this place?
Ps sorry Marns, Sarah and I are still trying to ‘ok, wow’ correctly. We are aware we are doing it wrong but love it!

The fellas helped us out by getting a local music store to open up for us and everyone got to have a lil looksie at what was on offer.
And sometimes there’s just not enough room on the dance floor for everyone or in this instance not enough air space.. But as always this lil family finds a way to


Lucky the Dirtettes really pay attention to the boys and what they play.. Who plays the white Gretch?…Nailed it ladies haha
To be continued….