Being baddass in Cangas ;p

By September 26, 2016Dirtette

The boys cuddled in for the trip between A Coruña and Cangas.

The view from our rooms was horrible.. Yeah right. 

Then off to the gig.. warming up backstage before we kick off… a lil dusty but of course we still smashed it. 

[wpvideo 59LHQT6a]​Pretty sure there was a someone crowd surfing in the first song but I’ll have to review the tapes. 

I’m drinking my juice in a jar on stage these days haha. Yes it has come to this, my mum would be so proud. 

Then off to an after party at a bar appropriately called ‘Here we go again.’ They played DRR videos which was pretty funny. 

​[wpvideo LCMw2zgU]​

Ants and Heath were teaching the locals to speak stralya like bosses. 

[wpvideo dPLsdxlZ]​
And we are back on the road.. 

​[wpvideo zeX0NBoO]​
Just another of the many stunning views that has been whizzing by us. 

​[wpvideo zvc0rMzP]​
And finally a few pearls of wisdom from our very own wildlife expert and professor of biodiversity :p

​[wpvideo 65a6SdDg]​