Even rockstars gotta do washing!

By September 24, 2016Dirtette

Nothing like a good band sing-a-long to keep spirits high… Only sometimes not everyone knows the songs or the lyrics but what the hell….you know we will still have a crack. 

[wpvideo LVgmbNhB]​​

Labios (Lips Fagan) got her way though.. ​How happy are all our lil heads?

​[wpvideo Xc8bcYU1]​
Have I mentioned…

We • are • having • the • best • time! 

So we all went off to do our washing in A Coruña

​[wpvideo BYAn6SDv]​
​​​​and of course when it was just the girls a strange local channel played our video for postcards from the road… Seriously we were like, what? …No really, what the? 
**Footage coming**

We had some of the best burgers I have ever tasted, even though this lil guy ain’t pretty it was super delicious. 

And a few snaps at dinner…as you do… 

And yep, I do go out in the roller.. they laugh at me but who cares. Once a woman said, ‘my house is close by if you need to do you hair’ haha! 

The gig was huge, those kids know how to enjoy music!!

The next morning Sars and I enjoyed a cafe con leche in the foyer of our hotel before we hit the road headed for Cangas, woot!