The ladies took center stage…. Just cos there wasn’t any room on the floor! 

By September 22, 2016Dirtette

We arrived in Ourense and although we could finally leave the van, cabin fever stages had been rapidly skipped over to at least level 8… 

​[wpvideo wFT9DNeL]​
Or maybe Ants just really wanted to make everyone wanna murder him…. Let’s see how far he can go. 

​[wpvideo n9LQ0D9z]​​​

The venue was next door so surely we would be doing some sleep at some stage, but probably unlikely. 
We had dinner with a few locals and luckily didn’t ask what the entrée was… Some of us have delicate stomachs but happy to say blissfully unaware we were eating baby eels so no one lost their dinner. 

It was topped off with a few home brewed coffee liquor shots which I was very taken with 🙂

Heath got fanned and papped.. 

​[wpvideo JeHrZWBS]​

Then being the hardcore rockstars we are…. We decided to have a pajama party.. Yep you heard, so rock and roll.. hanging around singing Adele songs….probably like the opposite to being rock and rock but whatever’s! 

​​[wpvideo MQLinIur]​

The next morning it seemed like the silly was still strong.. 


[wpvideo 9XbDPijB]​​
​[wpvideo os2XPHjC]​
Alex was wearing Sarah’s shorts to ensure the tear in his jeans was not offending people.

​[wpvideo 2D4OOF00]​

Max has met his match now that ‘Lips’ has him worked out 🙂 

Onwards to A Coruña, wooh!