The rain in Spain falls mainly.. Ummm when we arrived in Spain.

By September 21, 2016Dirtette

So not long after leaving our beautiful sunny French beach, we were smashed with rain but it didn’t ruin our mood.
[wpvideo 9qruTGN3]

There was more love letters past between the boys cos our mate Maxy was on fire with playing country music..

To: Matty Bray of the front seat

From: Alex in the back seat

Do you even country music?

Matts response was along the lines of stabbing his ears out but a lil more colorful and with illustrations.
[wpvideo GUhzMXYE] Turns out Matty Bray isn’t such a massive fan haha

After a lil bumpy and winding trek we arrived at our accommodation in Bilbao.. Hmmm…It felt a lil on the prison side with us all bunked in a dorm with mental lockers.. But we made the best of it.

The city was beautiful and we have now become accustomed to the insane hospitality that the people here provide…The dinner spreads that are put on every night are just so extravagant.

It was one of the first gigs we had full paparazzi at the gig.. (Maybe we have before but I hadn’t noticed them like these guys…they were much keener to get up close and personal)

We are starting to revel in the love and get pictures with fans and sign things after the gigs.. Feels weird but as if we aren’t just lapping it up.

The next morning we woke up to some construction going on next door.. Bler

But got an insight into Alex’s promotional brain, you gotta give the guy credit it’s a good way to get babes to the gigs.

Onward to Ourense!